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Write to your heart’s content with our book publishing services

Whether you desire to self-publish, or are looking to go the traditional route, DocUmeant publishing has been there and can help you find your way through the mire to becoming a published author. Since that very first book we have helped hundreds of authors to publish both eBooks and print books. With our assistance you choose the level of assistance. The choice is yours, you can choose to retain the bulk of your royalties, or you can go the traditional route and save on some of their costs by using our services instead.

Our staff of dedicated designers and editors have the knowlege and experience to make your dream a reality—becoming a published author. Rest assured that your book will be given the personal attention it deserves. We look forward to helping you experience the thrill of holding your book in your hands for the first time, and seeing your first sale.

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Stephanie A. Kilgore White, author

Stephanie A. Kilgore White 

Books available in print
and digital formats

Congratulations to DocUmeant Publishing's author, Stephanie A. Kilgore White for her 25 years of service to her students. Enjoy your retirement years as you continue to share your ever-growning Charity Children's Book Series and Paint Parties with the rest of us.  

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