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The Follow-Up Service is as Good as it Gets
I  just published a book a couple of months ago, and it was my first experience at using an editor and publisher. My editor recommended Documeant Publishing & Designs, so I went with her recommendations. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The cover came out much better than I anticipated, and I get compliments on it from so many. The layout was superb and all the different formats taken care of in one source. The communication was excellent, and the pricing was very reasonable for the quality of service provided. It is a certainty that my next book very soon will be published by Ginger at Documeant Publishing & Designs. In addition, you find out what kind of company and people you are dealing with by how they handle an issue after the sale. The follow-up service is as good as it gets. Thank you Ginger for all your help and expertise. It is truly a pleasure to work with you."
Terry Minion
Author of Commercial Truck Success Upward Trend Management Services, LLC (UpwardTrend.org) CommercialTruckDealerSuccess.com
A Highly Imaginative and Creative Graphics Designer
Ginger Marks is among the best in the business. Fast and easy to work with, Ginger consistently produces exceptionally high-quality work with a rapid turnaround time.

"DocUmeant Publishing is the publisher of all my books, she designed and formatted each of them. As prospective readers browse through the pages, they consistently tell me that they love the look of my books. Ginger has done a remarkable job with the design. I think we really have something very special here. It is unlike any other book of its kind. I am certain that I have sold hundreds of copies solely based upon Ginger’s design.

"Additionally, Ginger is the principal designer for the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA). Each of her designs is absolutely terrific. As president, I tasked Ginger with completely redesigning all the graphics used in our newsletter. Within one day, she presented me with a series of wonderful graphics that gave it a far more interesting and professional look.

"I can’t say enough good things about Ginger Marks. She is a talented and remarkable graphics designer and publisher. She is also a very nice person."
Robert Jacob, Award-winning author, President Florida Authors and Publishers Association
Author of A Pirate's Life in the Golden Age of Piracy and Pirates of the Florida Coast
My First Book
As a first time author I am convinced and totally satisfied that I found the right publisher for my book, Grace at the Gate. DocUmeant Publishing and Design was the perfect fit for me as I worked with Ginger Marks and Chris Gibson. They worked diligently in promoting and publishing my novel and their expert advice were invaluable in getting this off the ground and into book stores. Kudos also to Patti Knoles with her book cover design that captured the essence of my story. I heartedly recommend their services."
Gary L Fisher
Author of Grace at the Gate www.GaryLFisher.com
Highly Recommended!
I have spent most of my career life in publishing and have dealt with many enterprises along the way in service and production but have never had the pleasure of working with such a professional and well-managed company like Calomar, LLC dba DocUmeant Publishing & DocUmeant Designs.

"Ginger and Phil Marks are a joy to work with and have handled all phases of the editing and publishing of my second novel, JoggerKill, smoothly with skilled professionalism.

"I heartily recommend them to any creative author seeking representation to insure a seamless book publishing experience."
Jock Miller
Author of Fossil River and JoggerKillChairman and CEO, EOP., Inc.; Board Director Emeritus, First National Bank of Long Island; Board Director, The Middleby Company
My Very First Book!
Ginger (my formatter) and Philip (my editor) were my first experiences with this kind of journey. Whenever you do anything for the first time it can make you happy or reject the experience as a whole. Ginger was awesome she helped me in so many ways as a newbie I can honestly say the experience was 100% positive. Philip did a bang up job on my editing. I would highly recommend them as a team for any of your present or future projects. I will definitely be working with her on my many future projects. Cannot wait to get started all over again!"
Tammy Adele Law Ba., Med
Author of The Rainbow After The Storm www.TammyAdeleLaw.com
Truly a Gem!
"Ginger Marks [of DocUmeant Publishing] brings a bunch of unique advantages to authors not found with other publishers. She is truly a gem and has an author's perspective on how publishers should take care of their writers. If you have a book in the works, I highly recommend you connect with Ginger today."
—Steve Liebroder, SEO727.com
Couldn't Find Any Better
I've used DocUmeant Publishing & Designs for varied services—press release distribution, promotional item design, consultations. Results are always stunning and the attention to detail gets me every time. No review of DocUmeant would be complete without mention of the company owner, Ginger Marks, who, while ever being the ultimate professional, still manages to be warm and gracious ... so very customer-friendly!"
Linda Alexander,  Author & Professional Writer
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