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When you're looking for the right layout for your book, or ebook, there are specific guidelines for each type of book that you need. Whether you need just one type of book layout or a complete package, the right layout for the right type of book is of paramount importance. DocUmeant Publishing has assisted authors in publishing their manuscripts in every format available. Therefore, we know exactly what you want and how to format it properly so that you will end up with a book that you will be proud to share and promote.


DocUmeant Publishing prides ourselves on delivering customer friendly service. The range of services includes cover design and manuscript preparation, all the way through to final production. We provide worldwide distribution while maintaining an affordable pricing structure.


At DocUmeant Publishing you will always benefit from our dedicated team's ability to listen carefully to your wants and needs and promptly act on your requests. Whether you need a simple layout, an edit, or a full production package, our team has the talent and ability to meet your need in a timely manner. Contact us today and experience the joy of publishing at DocUmeant Publishing.

Publishing Services

Book publishing is an old and established industry. Since between the 7th millennium BC and the 4th millennium BC when the first book was written in the form of early mnemonic symbols, publishing books has long been a mystery to the masses. Today's publishing process is still as much a mystery to the novice reader as it was when the first book was printed a millennium ago. However, with the digital age making it easier to publish your written works in both eBook and print formats, self-publishing has taken the stage.

Whether your interest lies in traditional publishing or self-publishing the systems and processes are much the same. The following list of book publishing services and their brief descriptions will give you the insight to better understand this process. You will have the opportunity to decide which of these services you want to entrust to DocUmeant Publishing and we will be there to help you every step of the way.

There are many steps to publishing and whether your aim is to publish digital products or for print the process will vary. This is why DocUmeant Publishing offers a list of varried serices from which to choose. Below is a list of service along with a brief description that should help you in your decision making process. If you have further questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


The publisher oversees the entire life cycle of a title from acquisition to production, and on to the sales force. The publisher makes executive decisions for all titles within assigned imprints while keeping within cost restraints. The publisher also sponsors book projects, strategies, and initiatives for the company or assigned imprints.


Graphic designers create a unique, sellable cover and interior design for each title. As these graphic elements hugely impact sales, art departments generally maintain direct contact with the editor, marketing director, and publisher of the title. Daily activities for art department employees can include:

· Securing permissions for artwork
· Managing design workflow and outside freelancer designers
· Attending art and design brainstorming meetings
· Researching photo and art archives to find appropriate graphics


An editorial department develops and edits book projects for publication. Daily activities include:

· Reading and evaluating submissions
· Preparing acquisitions for transmittal to the production department
· Developing and maintaining relationships with authors, booksellers, and agents
· Participating in editorial, design, and marketing meetings

The editorial department works very closely with all departments, including marketing, creative services (art and design), production, and sales.


Editing Form



Basic Copyediting/Proofreading

· Grammar
· Punctuation
· Spell check
· Typographical errors

Approx. 4 pgs p/h (600 words p/pg) $26/hr

Thorough Editing

· All of the above, plus...
· Clarity
· Consistency
· Dialogue
· Flow
· Point-of-view
· Insertion of reference items, i.e., table of contents, footnotes, etc.
· Tense
· Sentence structure
· Tone
· Word choice

Approx. 2.5 pgs p/h (600 words p/pg) $30/hr

Developmental/Substantive Editing

· All of the above, plus...
· Restructuring for transitions and organization of content

Approx. 2 pgs p/h (600 words p/pg) $35/hr



As a publisher that is author focused, we work with authors on a 'hand-shake' agreement, unless they insist that a contract be put in place. If that is the case, the author will be given a contract for review to be signed and faxed back with a fully developed book proposal.

The legal department ensures the rights of publication for each title by negotiating and drafting contracts with authors and packagers. The legal department works closely with the publisher and executives, as well as the editorial, rights, and design staff.

DocUmeant Publishing will work closely with your attorney or they can provide you with a book publishing attorney to assist you in obtaining any legal documents you may need.


The managing editorial department is responsible for the entire production of a title after acquisition. The department develops in-house procedures for control of the workflow from the manuscript to a finished product. Managing editorial works closely with the editorial and production departments to ensure that the finished book meets projected expectations. Daily functions of the department include:

· Negotiating signed agreements outlining budget and procedures
· Drawing up production schedules
· Reviewing the entire work before going to press
· Hiring and overseeing the work/schedules of freelancers (typesetters, copy editors, proofreaders)
· Proofreading and routing jackets and front matter
· Readying author-reviewed, copyedited manuscripts for setting
· Reviewing/trafficking sample designs
· Transferring author corrections to the work



Note: Image manipulation (see rates listed at

  Flat Cover Button included w/cover design, or $10
  3D Cover Image included w/cover design, or $12.50
  Image Insertion $0.95 ea (first 10 free)
Print & PDF Front & Back Paperback Book $350+ basic; $750+ advanced +
  Front, Back & Flaps Hard cover $900+
  Indexing $2.25 pr/indexed pg
  Design & Layout

$1.25 p/p

eBooks Front only e-Book Cover Design $175
  Front & Back e-Book Cover Design $275
  Design & Layout
Kindle & ePub
>200 pgs $125
201-400 pgs $235
401-650 $350
651+ call for quote
*Note: There is a $45 base rate and a .01 graduating per item fee after layout has been initiated. The graduating fee is such that the first round of changes it is billed at .01 per item; second round of changes is billed at .02 per item; third round of changes is billed at .03 per item; etc.  


The production department coordinates the production and manufacturing of each title. Production acts as a liaison between editorial, managing editorial, design, production, and outside vendors to create and distribute the final product. Daily activities for the department include:

· Trafficking of all materials between design and editorial/managing editorial
· Following up on late and/or special schedules
· Estimating of paper quantities and production costs
· Negotiating with suppliers
· Assisting on special projects as necessary


Advertising creates and designs advertisements. The department works closely with the marketing directors, editors, and publishers of titles to create an advertising plan in order to promote sales of the book. Each advertising plan involves research and negotiation to provide better venues and cost-effective ways to advertise. Advertising department also works closely with graphic designers, print/radio/commercial sales representatives, printing presses, and internal staff to facilitate the run of each advertisement.

Marketing Services


DocUmeant Publishing, a subsidiary of CALOMAR LLC, has developed a strategic alliance with EMSI Public Relations.

EMSI’s CEO, Marsha Friedman, founded the company more than 23 years ago.  As a pioneer in the Pay-for-Performance PR model, EMSI guarantees media coverage for its authors.  EMSI has worked with countless authors over the years, gaining valuable publicity and visibility for both books and authors.  Custom-tailored PR packages allow authors to choose the best campaigns to meet their budgets and goals.  EMSI is one of the only PR firms to offer guarantees and specialized media divisions. Some of their authors include Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of “The Dark Knight” blockbuster film series; Terrell Jones, founder of and; and Darlene Quinn, award-winning mystery writer. 

Specializing in:

· Print - securing editorial coverage in the press (both offline and online)
· TV - arranging local and national TV appearances
· Radio - scheduling local and national talk radio interviews
· Social Media – building a following of people interested in you, your book and message.



The marketing department is responsible for creating, preparing, and establishing marketing strategies and policies for each title by coordinating the efforts of publicity, promotion, advertising, online, and sales. The marketing department is responsible for the following functions:

· Preparing all sales presentation materials: audio recordings, fact sheet collation, and promotions
· Creating and producing additional account-specific presentation materials
· Creating pricing strategies
· Researching and establishing relations with new markets
· Planning and maintaining sales and marketing schedules, including title launch and planning meetings
· Measuring the effectiveness of strategies once completed


The promotions department works as a primary liaison with marketing and publicity directors, by creating effective campaigns to encourage the sales force, buyers, and consumers. Promotions departments are responsible for overseeing the creation of all catalogs, point-of-purchase, and promotional/sales materials. Department responsibilities include:

· Managing copywriting, design, and production functions of catalogs and promotion/sales materials
· Reviewing effectiveness of the materials produced in the department · Managing costs and workload by working with sales and marketing to eliminate unnecessary and/or redundant promotional/sales materials
· Preparing for, attending, and issuing reports on monthly meetings that determine page counts and prices, reprint orders and corrections, and the overall publishing plan for every book on the list


The publicity department is responsible for promoting each title and author in the media without direct payment to the media communications. They facilitate the publication of each book through mass mailings or pre-published works for review, author tours (radio, television, and public readings/signings), and author and book parties. Daily activities for the department include:

· Scheduling interviews for broadcast and print media
· Briefing and coaching authors for interviews
· Developing media contacts
· Creating and pitching each title to the media through a press release and/or phone call
· Mailing pre-publication materials (galleys and AREs)
· Developing proper angles and pitches to the scheduling of bookstore appearances and special events
· Updating of databases for reviewers and media contacts


Internet development groups are responsible for maintaining, developing, and producing Internet sites for the publishing house and author, as well as establishing and maintaining relations with online marketing and promotional vendors. Not only do Internet development employees need to stay abreast of the current activities of the publishing house, but they also must communicate and launch these efforts online through current technologies. Internet development departments are responsible for the following daily activities:

· Planning, prioritizing, and implementing new Web initiatives for titles and corporate communications
· Creating and executing online features and special promotions
· Leading management and maintenance of all Web sites
· Consulting with authors in the creation of author Web sites
· Selecting, hiring, and managing freelance staff
· Contracting Web production and design firms
· Aiding in the development of design and coding
· Researching emerging online and Web production technologies


The sales department is responsible for managing the policies and strategies used to sell each title effectively, both nationally and internationally, by using all available relationships and techniques. Publishing sales departments call upon traditional bookstores, retail accounts, libraries, academic institutions, book clubs, online vendors, and additional special markets. This department has a direct relationship with the financial well being of the company and regularly provides input upon the production of titles to best assure sales. Daily activities include:

· Maintaining contact with customer headquarters to provide the best possible sales coverage
· Establishing promotional plans at the retail accounts and communicating with internal sales management in order to ensure execution at the retail level
· Working with publishing groups on the creation and design of promotional programs
· Managing cooperative advertising with clients, author appearance set-up, and creation of in-store marketing plans
· Aiding with customer shipping, credit, and returns issues
· Developing business plans on an annual basis for each of the assigned accounts


The subsidiary rights department finds additional sources of profit for a title, including serials, book clubs, and paperback, audio, and e-book rights. The foreign rights department is also responsible for generating income by selling the rights to publish the company's titles in other languages and markets. Daily activities for both include:

· Writing submission letters
· Sending manuscripts, proposals, and books to foreign publishers and agents, audio houses, and paperback publishers
· Coordinating co-productions with other publishers and audio houses
· Working with book clubs and sales for special editions

*Publishing house job descriptions provided by SPANnet - The Definitive Self Publishing Community of which DocUmeant Publishing is a member in good standing.


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